ZF 8HP solenoids

ZF 8HP solenoids


8-speed ZF transmission was introduced in 2009 and has many different modifications installed on such vehicles as Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Jeep and many other. Below you can find a list of the most popular vehicles where 8HP transmission is utilized:

Make Model Years OEM Transmission numbers
AUDI A7 2010 - 2017 0BK300037K / 0BK300037D / 0BK300037N /
A8 2010 - 2017
Q5 2012 - 2015
Q7 2015 - still
BMW 1-Series F20 2011 - still 2400-7607847 / 2400-7599433 / 2400-7599435 /
2400-7607852 / 2400-7613233 / 2400-7614782 /
2400-7623320 / 2400-7613232 / 2400-7614696 / 2400-7608619
2-Series F22 2013 - still
3-Series F30 2011 - still
5-Series F10 2010 - 2016
7-Series G11 2015 - still
X3 F25 2011 - 2017
X5 F15 2013 - 2018
CHRYSLER 300 2011 - still R8223727 AF / R8223728 AG / R8224875AH
DODGE Challenger 2015 - still 68334694AB / 68283000AA / 52108830AC
Charger 2011 - still
JAGUAR XE 2015 - still GX73-7003-EA / H7A3-7003-TA / CW93-7003-EB /
DX23-7003-CB / JX53-7003-BB
F-Type 2015 - still
JEEP Grand Cherokee 2014 - still 68260786AA
LAND ROVER Range Rover Sport 2015 - still HPLA-7003-BA / HPLA-7003-LB / HPLA-7003-LC
VOLKSWAGEN Amarok 2010 - still 0DR300036A / 0DR300036E / 0DR300036C
You can check all the 8HP specifications here.

ZF 8HP Transmission

More fuel-efficient, improved, with almost seamless shifting compared to its predecessor (6HP), 8HP transmission still requires a due maintenance. ZF transmission is very sensitive to filthy fluid, which can damage solenoids and mechatronic valves in the first place.

*ATF change is recommended every 60 000 - 80 000 kilometers and requires 6 liters of ATF (S671090314) and plastic oil pan (1087298247) or a filter and a gasket if a metal pan is installed. The subsequent ATF changes are recommended once the kilometrage reaches the same interval.

With time, friction and rubbing of the internal components of the transmission produce the swarf, which can manipulate the fluid flow and as a result, cause delayed shifting and “jerks”. Natural wear of solenoids can also cause transmission malfunction.

ZF 8HP solenoids

Due to the lack of new solenoid kits on the market (ZF did not supply solenoids to its official dealers worldwide) car owners or service stations had to find used or to clean old solenoids in order to make repairs. However, since recently by the efforts of our company, this product has been made available on the Russian and international market. AVTGR has acquired exclusive distribution rights for 8HP solenoid kits and most significantly, ZF has made a special limited order with custom packing containing AVTGR branding.

ZF and AVTGR branded packing comparison

You can purchase the brand new OEM 8HP 45/70 solenoid kit here.

Below you can find a solenoid layout in the valve plate and see what clutch every solenoid relates to.

You can find more technical information here

Below you can find a list of mechatronics equiped with this kit with OEM and ZF numbers:

1087198554 (24347631731); 1087198915 (02JDE36337, LR065126); 1087198980 (24347544932, 24347631717, 24348612850); 1090198975 (24347544941); 1087198989 (LR023295, 02C2Z18016); 1090198334 (24347647840, 24348647807); 1090198597 (24347647849, 24348687808);

8HP AVT solenoid kit


The introduction of new 8HP solenoid kits is meant to significantly facilitate, improve and reduce the cost of 8HP transmission repair works.

Kit contents

Solenoid valve 2 for parking lock cylinder (green)

EDS-WK Electronic pressure control valve for lock-up clutch (orange)

EDS-E = Electronic pressure control valve for clutch E (orange)

EDS-B = Electronic pressure control valve for clutch B (orange)

EDS-D = Electronic pressure control valve for clutch D (orange)

EDS-A = Electronic pressure control valve for clutch A (orange)

MV1 = Solenoid valve 1 (position valve) (black)

EDS-C = Electronic pressure control valve for clutch C (white)

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